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IAN press release and support to journalists

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We express our concern over the violence during the civil protests that took place in the previous days on the streets of Belgrade and other cities in Serbia.

We appeal to both the demonstrators to refrain from violently expressing their dissatisfaction, and to the members of the internal affairs to refrain from excessive use of force.

We are particularly concerned about the violent incidents directed at media professionals who reported on the protest. Due to the importance of timely and objective reporting on disturbing events in which many people are endangered, human rights are massively violated and the already difficult situation of the epidemic worsens, we condemn all attacks on journalists.

IAN offers direct support to media workers who are actively involved in transmitting information from the protest, as well as other victims of torture and police brutality during the protest.

Journalists and victims of torture can turn to us for the following forms of assistance:

  • psychological and psychiatric support
  • medical examinations
  • forensic examinations of injuries sustained

Contact: 011 403 93 40 063 389 729 crtv@ian.org.rs

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