1. Professionalism

  • IAN is organization recognized by high level of professionalism, value that is fostered and improved at the same time.
  • IAN as an organization and experts who work for IAN respect all professional and scientific European standards in their work with beneficiaries. Special attention is devoted to work ethics, commitment and professional improvement, documentation and evaluation of work and results.
  • IAN is striving to recognize and apply all new working methods accepted in Europe.
  • IAN accepts and applies all local legal regulations regarding working process and tries to change or improve some regulations that are not adequate.
  • IAN promotes these professional standards among other organizations that work on similar problems and with same target groups.

2. Dedication to beneficiaries

  • IAN exists because of their beneficiaries and their specific needs, that IAN can meet.
  • All IAN resources exist to clearly define beneficiaries, to identify and recognize their needs, to find the best way to act according to those needs, and to define cost benefits of those actions according to beneficiaries’ and IAN resources’ standpoints.
  • IAN promotes dedication to beneficiaries.

3. Evidence based intervention

  • IAN continually documents all relevant data on beneficiaries and their specific characteristics, general and specific activities and interventions in working with beneficiaries and, also, relevant changes that happen as a results of these activities.
  • IAN processes all important data according to scientific standards, which provides clear picture of changes that IAN achieved.
  • These data are important for better determination of beneficiaries’ needs and needs of society in order to plan future actions.
  • There is a clear connection between conclusions made after processing of gathered data and improvement of IAN’s work. IAN rejects all methods and activities, which are not effective, and develops methods and activities that give clear results. IAN also introduces new methods, which are supposed to make positive changes. Most of the interventions have already been examined and they passed professional and scientific verification.
  • All data are transparent for workers and stakeholders, but they are completely protected and safe regarding clients.

4. Civil society – open society

  • IAN promotes civil society values and characteristics and works on their improvement and developing.
  • IAN projects, activities and relations inside organization clearly show that IAN respects human equality and human rights.IAN supports democratic social structure, governmental and civil control, control of federal powers (army, police), equality in front of the law, accessibility of all relevant information, freedom of speech and moving, de-monopolization of power.IAN cherishes principle of individual responsibility, freedom of choice and tolerance.

5. Tolerance and respect, equal rights and opportunities

  • IAN strongly supports promotion and implementation of this approach in regulation of human relations and social communication.
  • IAN particularly insists on tolerance and respect.
  • IAN strongly supports promotion and implementation of these principles within the organization itself.
  • IAN supports the ideal of equal human rights and opportunities that should be reached in modern human society. IAN tries to reach that ideal in within the organization itself.