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Thanks to donors from the German Agency for International Cooperation and Development, GIZ, who recognized the importance of preventing burnout syndrome in the helping professions, we had the opportunity to hold another ANTIBURNOUT SEMINAR. 

As part of the project we are implementing “Support for sustainable reintegration of returnees in Serbia”, the seminar was held in the period from March 30 to April 1, in Vrnjačka banja. 

The goal was to reduce the factors that lead to burnout syndrome in helpers working in the field and encountering highly traumatized users on a daily basis. The seminar was led by female psychotherapists specializing in the prevention of burnout syndrome, and the approach itself was comprehensive. In addition to information about stress that leads to burnout syndrome, emphasis is also placed on activating the body in the fight against stress. 

During the lectures, the participants had the opportunity to learn new techniques to deal with excessive stress through various breathing exercises, calming the body and mind, as well as through creative techniques such as drawing, coloring, singing and dancing. 

In addition, the seminar was held in a hotel with a SPA center where the seminar participants could relax and adequately rest from their work, which, like any helping profession, brings with it a high risk of mental health impairment and burnout.

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